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café solid

Inspired by ancient crafs

Tijger Cafe Solid.jpg

In 2022 Atelier Ruben van Megen developed the brand new table Café Solid. The table has a cheeky looking frame, with an organically shaped top made of stone-like material. The top features a bold design by Robert Aalbers of Clean Solid Tattoo.


New interpretation of Café 6116

The table is a new interpretation of the tables with which Atelier Ruben van Megen has already gained a lot of recognition, the Café 6116 series. These multicolored tables are inspired by and made from Persian rugs. Café 6116 refers to the introduction of Persian rugs in the golden age, when artisanal knotted rugs were highly regarded.

Storytelling and craftmanship

In the search for a design that is more accessible in terms of color than the Persian rugs, but that does not detract from the storytelling and the craftsmanship that has been incorporated into the table, Atelier Ruben van Megen arrived at it's new design: Café Solid. A table that is reminiscent of a damask tablecloth with a sandblasted illustration by tattoo artist Robert Aalbers.  



Oak and Solid Surface by GetaCore

Sandblasting, lathe woodworking, thermoforming

Available, price upon request: 

- Dining table (measurements top 220 x 100 cm)



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