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brings old Dutch custom to life

The 'Snotneus' (Dutch for runny nose), is a table lamp inspired by a Dutch oil lamp. The ‘Snotneus’ refers to Dutch culture and an old (interior) custom.

In earlier times, oil lamps were used for lighting. The Dutch wanted to use fuel sparingly, so they invented an oil lamp that collected the oil leaking from the wick and reused it. Real Dutch thrift!

The design of the lamp from Atelier Ruben van Megen is inspired by this lamp, but is of course completely adapted to current standards :). The lamp is wireless and contains LED. The base is made out of the material from our Sandcastles collection. 

Materials: Brass, sand, resin and LED. 

Available, price upon request:

Measurements: approximately 38cm high and ø25cm . 

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