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trunk cabinet

playful and friendly

This cupboard is inspired by the plumage of a bird. The round shapes look friendly and the structure of the panels on the front is playful, which is a recurring theme in the work of Atelier Ruben van Megen.

The cabinet contains an enormous amount of storage space, because the doors are also optimally used. The hinges are reminiscent of a trunk. A nice and handy feature is the base of the cabinet, which functions as a step to reach the highest shelf.

The cabinet is made of a luxurious sheet material with an oak pattern. Available in different (natural) colours upon request. 

Materials: Oak (base), MDF, HPL and brass

Available, price upon request:

High cupboard: 235cm h x 158cm w
Mid height cupboard: 134cm h x 158cm w
Sideboard (low) 101cm h x 158cm w

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